VuePress Mix Theme

VuePress Mix Theme

A VuePress 2 theme with a mix of features

Getting StartedIntroduction

For VuePress 2

A new theme built for VuePress 2 which is powered by Vue 3, with support for Vite.

Elegant and Simple

Be practical, not including showy features, and keeping elegant and simple.

Dark Mode

Supporting dark mode, which enhances the reading experience in a dark environment.

🚀 A Quick Start

First of all, you need to install VuePress Theme Mix in your VuePress 2 project by running:

yarn add -D vuepress-theme-mix@latest

And then setting the theme in docs/.vuepress/config.ts file:

// docs/.vuepress/config.ts
import { defineUserConfig } from 'vuepress'
import { mixTheme } from 'vuepress-theme-mix'

export default defineUserConfig({
  // ……

  // Theme Config
  theme: mixTheme({
    // ……

  // ……


Finally, you are ready to create content as described in the documentation. 🍻